"2,880 Hours of Knee Sleeve Development for YOU"

…Take a step back for a moment.

When you workout what do you focus on?

Is it the snatch you’re about to crush?

The PR WOD time you’re trying to hit?

The next set of deadlifts?

Or maybe it’s your breathing rate and heartbeat as you pushed yourself just a little farther.

...On the other hand maybe you’re distracted.

Maybe your focus is on the post-workout dinner?

Or the paper you haven’t submitted for school?

Or possibly the PAIN in your knees from the squats and olympic lifts you continue to struggle with?

You see, at Element 26 we make it our TOP-PRIORITY to ensure we are 100% LASER-FOCUSED on every detail we put into our gear.

We want you to have the BEST experience in the world while you minimize pain, set new PRs and blow through old times.

Well, that is EXACTLY what we did with the 6mm REVERSIBLE KNEE SLEEVES.  

We found a SOLUTION for your knee pain, missed lifts, and hindered goals.

Element 26 placed 2,880 HOURS into developing these sleeves and we have absolutely no regrets.


The Process

The popular brands of knee sleeves out there could improve in function. That was known.

For example, the athletes using these brands would have issues getting the sleeves on, struggle with the same knee pain, and notice little to no improvement on lifts.

***Of course, wearing knee sleeves doesn’t make you instantly squat 100 more lbs while eliminating all pain and symptoms, but there should be a mild change in symptoms even with the worst squat form; that wasn’t the case though.***

So we started by testing and comparing the knee sleeves being worn by high level athletes and weightlifters.

Factors such as thickness, contour, compressive ability, knee warmth, resiliency to stretch, restrictiveness, and even washer machine durability were measured.

After months of comparison and engineering, we developed a pair of sleeves we knew would be highly functional while turning heads and dropping jaws: The 6mm Reversible Knee Sleeves.

To test these we selected 15 high-level weightlifters and CrossFit competitors to wear and “beat-on” these sleeves.

The sleeve performance was OUTSTANDING.

Sure we had our some obstacles to overcome in testing such as optimal thickness and how do we keep the sleeves secure during WOD sets that involve jumping and squatting?

But we corrected any and all issues there were to give you the experience you deserve.

We want you to walk into the gym and focus on just your workout ahead. Not your knee pain and not you’re lack of progress. We want you to show off your PRs and be confident with who you are.

That’s not possible with sub-par gear that fails you and creates distractions.

Oh and did I mention they are REVERSIBLE and can be worn either way? Yup… either black or red. Two pretty bada$$ colors if you ask me.

To check out the 6mm Reversible Knee Sleeves find them on Amazon or the Element 26 Online Store.

Also feel free to join The Athletic Weightlifter Group for further personal interaction for all things weightlifting and performance. There’s no catch here, just a group of trainers, coaches, Doctors, physical therapists, and athletes all helping one another.

I’d love to chat with you and help you achieve your goals!!

Dr. Phil Gauthier

Element 26



Instagram: @dr.philipgauthier  @element26_athletic_gear

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