CrossFit Open 20.3 Tips 

CrossFit Coach and Element 26 Co-Owner, Jason Nachowicz, brings you some more FIRE advice for this weekend's Open Workout: 

For you Veteran athletes out there, we saw this one in 2018 and many hearts were broken that day... and we expect the same to happen this weekend. Remember the most important thing on this workout is to be able to fight another day afterwards. We STRONGLY recommend not blowing your back out on this one but rather just enjoy a tough workout over the weekend and still be able to function in normal, everyday life for the rest of the week. Also keep in mind wearing a weightlifting belt is a no brainier for this WOD!

Here are a few quick tips to get you the best out of the workout:

1. Know your limitations. If 315/205 is not realistic for you, then just shoot to have your best Diane time in the first half of the work out. And if 225/155 for reps is unrealistic, have no shame in scaling. Again, we want you to be able to function the day after!

2. Know if HSPU are your limiter. If they are, you need to break them into singles or doubles so that your triceps and upper back do not fry out. Once the arms fry out, there is no recovering in the nine minutes. Set a game plan and stick with it as usual.

3. The standard on the HSPU is tough - just be prepared to deal with frustration and again, don’t put yourself in the place where you are getting no reps on your HSPU. PRACTICE (the day before if possible) where your hand placement should be to get the optimal lock-out.

4. If you can walk on your hands, the second weight is not an issue, and you can manage the volume thrown at you and Diane within the time limit, make sure you pace the first half so you can push hard in the second half.

There you have it!! Wishing you all the best for this weekend's OPEN Workout and no matter what, bring 100% EFFORT. That goes for RX and Scaled Divisions. Even if you're just doing it for fun, just have an absolute blast but be smart like Jason said!!


PS. Remember that weight belt Jason spoke about above.... well we suggest a lightweight belt you can quickly tighten and loosen between the two moves without having to take it of, without having it hinder your handstand push-ups, and still give you all the support you need on the deadlifts... We have just the perfect belt in mind...

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Phil Gauthier
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Strength Coach
Element 26 Co-Founder

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