CrossFit WOD Essentials

by Philip GauthierApr 10, 2019

CrossFit WOD Essentials.

So you just signed up for your first CrossFit Gym! Congrats!!

Now give yourself a pat on the back because your journey to become more badass starts right now!!

It’s a rush of emotions. You're excited, nervous, fearful, even intimidated. But you know this is what you want to do. To live a healthier lifestyle and prove to yourself that you can hang in there and push your mental and physical boundaries past that point of comfort.

It’s that rush you crave. You do it because you can and because you’ve seen the faces of many athletes after that WOD. No not the “I hate everything” face, but the face 15 minutes later that says “wow, I just went all out for 9:00 minutes and finished that WOD.” That smile of accomplishment.

But then you notice everyone with fancy workout gear…. belts, hand grips, tape, shoes, knee sleeves, bands, straps, branded hats, shirts, no shirts….you name it. EVERYTHING you can and cannot think of.

But what’s necessary you wonder? Do you need it all?!?! Is that the secret to pushing your game to the next level??

At Element 26 we did the work and listed 2 essential pieces of equipment we believe are an absolute must right away.

Those 2 items are simple.....

A weight lifting belt and tape...... that's it! Now those are the first things you'll want to throw in your gym bag. 

Now let’s talk about why they are important.

Best Weight Lifting Belt for WODs
Let’s start with the belt. Keeping it simple, a belt does 4 things:

1) Increases abdominal pressure
2) Applies tactile (touch) feedback
3) Supports the spine with increased pressure
4) Allows you to lift more since the brain “feels” more stable

So you put the belt around your navel (belly button), tighten it enough that you can breathe and push into it and you’re good to go. That’s it!

But for WODs and movements that require quick transitions and comfort you need something that will fit well, is stable, and is comfortable…. 

That’s where the Element 26 Self-Locking Belt comes into play. Below I’ve listed the benefits compared to the leading other brands:

1) 4-inch uniform width to increase abdominal pressure circumferentially
2) 100% nylon so it’s comfortable and won’t dig in to your ribs or pelvis
3) Self-locking mechanism allows you the ability to lock in the strap and NOT rely on velcro which could pop open at the bottom of a lift and create issues
4) Flexible and easy to fit on different bodies and shapes
5) Quick Release on the self-locking mechanism
6) Can be used for any lift and left on loosely between exercises since it is lightweight and minimally restrictive

Literally every design of this belt is for a reason. It’s made to be simple and efficient.

Best Athletic Tape for WODs

On to the tape!

So what is athletic tape for??

1) Protecting small cuts, calluses and hang nails from ripping off mid-WOD; bleeding everywhere isn’t fun
2) Reducing the “painful” sensation of the bar on the skin during hook grip (if you’re sensitive)
3) Serves to enhance the grip very slightly on hook grip due to the increased friction, this goes even further when chalk is applied

The same attention to detail that was put into the belt was also applied to the Element 26 Athletic Tape.

The benefits include:

1) Physical protection for skin, calluses and cuticles.
2) The elastic stretch of the tape allows the tape to form to the various changing angles of the thumb joint and it can move with the creases in the thumb as the skin will fold over itself when the thumb bends.
3) The cotton-blend material allows for a moisture-wicking ability so the thumb can breathe more, reducing sweat underneath.
4) The tape can be split very easily down the midline which allows you to apply it around other fingers, joints, or cuts that may be smaller than the surface area of the thumb.

That’s it!! No secrets. Function first for all E26 equipment.

So next time you’re wondering what is truly useful, consider what gear will give you the best return on investment. Not all gear is necessary for your body or your goals but at Element 26 our goal is transparency and making sure you are only getting what is truly going to help and yield results.

Feel free to head over to the Element 26 main page if you’re interested in the belt or tape!!

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