The Element 26 Brand: Creating a Community

When we look at the most successful, consistent athletes of our society, they all have one thing in common. They are part of a community. Whether they are elite members of our military, football players, martial artists, functional fitness competitors, Olympic Athletes, or competitive weightlifters; very few, if any of them do it alone. They are all part of a community of like-minded athletes who push each other to new levels. However, aside from encouraging that extra rep or that extra mile, the majority of the support is there behind the scenes when the tough times show up... These are the moments not posted on Instagram. A community is what supports everyone and holds them accountable by ensuring they show up and remain consistent with the training plan.  There are very few programs that won’t work to get you in shape, however, the difference between those who complete a successful training plan and those who don’t is the support system and consistency.

Our goal when creating Element 26 was to integrate this community aspect into our brand to help you stay consistent and assist formulation of new ideas/perspectives in regards to training.  Element 26 has created a weightlifting community where athletes like you can share your unique experiences, ideas, and questions; while providing you the tools and gear that meet your training needs.

Element 26 is a community for the dedicated, committed, and motivated weightlifter.  A community where The Athletic Weightlifter can share their experiences, respectfully provide feedback, and discuss ideas on how to improve performance in the sport of weightlifting. As athletes who take the sport seriously, we want the community to be about you. Element 26 prides itself on being a platform where athletes with common goals can share their unique experiences, ideas, and questions.  This allows athletes to provide a support system to one another and, ultimately, improve performance.



Through several social media platforms, Element 26 has created a community where serious weightlifters can come together.  The Athletic Weightlifter Facebook group (link below) has been designed specifically for this purpose; athletes can discuss training plans, injuries, technique, and personal records. Every voice is respected and engagement is mindful.  Crude and offensive comments and attitudes are never accepted. In addition to The Athletic Weightlifter Facebook group, Element 26 is active on Instagram (@element26_gear) and YouTube (Element 26 Gear).

Element 26 is constantly looking for ways to improve weightlifting performance; aside from providing advice and eliciting sensible interaction within the community, we are always searching for ways to improve products already on the market through user feedback. We take into account problems and limitations that fellow lifters have encountered with training gear and “rehab” tools and make them as high-quality as possible. Without the community and constant interaction/feedback, there would be no further progression for the sport of weightlifting.  Unlike other companies, which push products without considering their impact or effectiveness, Element 26 strives to serve lifters by providing high-quality equipment and a community where athletes can share experiences and offer/receive advice.

Maintaining the brand’s transparency and integrity is the most important factor at Element 26 – creating a positive, supportive community through active listening and conscious communication is the most effective way to accomplish this.  We hope you find this brand and community helpful; please join us on the above-mentioned social media platforms to share your own lifting journey, support others in theirs, and continue improving the sport.

All group members will now receive a 20% discount coupon code for all of our products! Join Now!

Click to Join the Athletic Weightlifter Group  





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