As an avid lifter, athlete, and absolute SAVAGE... you’ve thrown barbells around, moved weight, and carried heavy things.  

And to be honest, you’ve probably ripped the sh*t out of your hands. Right?

I remember one session I was doing some deadlifting at about 5 sets of 3 and immediately after that I had some pull-ups programmed (holy forearms is right)....

But that wasn’t the issue. Right after that I went into pull-ups and BOOM ripped a callus clean off. This completely threw me off since the stinging pain of the torn callus was so bad…. FML.

Raw skin exposed. Calluses half-peeled. Bleeding Palms. Not fun.

And I’m not alone…. Many athletes like you experience this problem on the daily and it’s a tragedy.

You think one day that you could make it as a sexy hand model and all of a sudden your whole palm is ripped off...(True story I had a CrossFit buddy actually “de-glove” his palm from kipping pull-ups, but I’ll spare you and not go into details).

Basically your hands will get DESTROYED in the weight room/box at one point or another.

But here’s the kicker…. What if I told you that the suffering your hands endured was unnecessary? Or that one day you could show off those smooth, sexy hands?

Hand Grips

What if I told you Element 26 has a solution to this?!?!

Cue the drums because this beat is about to drop!

After 4 months of straight up testing, manufacturing, and development… Element 26 has created the BEST hand grips on the market for preventing callus tears and ripped palms and at the same time ensures an optimal grip on the bar.

With minimal thickness and supreme durability these grips are FIRE!!

Stay tuned for the next blog because I’m going to lead you through each step of the grip development process and show you how E26 developed the grips and why.

You’re about to save so much money on hand moisturizer and band-aids!!

Wishing you all happy hands!


Dr. Phil Gauthier
Physical Therapist
Strength and Conditioning Specialist
Co-Founder of Element 26

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