What is the Athletic Weightlifter?

The athletic weightlifter is someone who has the drive, determination, and dedication to improve their performance inside the gym.  Whether they compete or they lift recreationally; they live, sweat, and breathe the sport of weightlifting. From Powerlifters to Olympic weightlifting all the way to Functional Fitness athletes, it is someone who is not just trying to be “fit,”  but someone who is pushing the boundaries with laser focus. The athletic weightlifter focuses on technique, proper positions, and quality movement to take them to the next level. They understand it takes time and patience to achieve a personal record with possible setbacks along the way, but regardless of any frustration they consistently put in the work week-to-week. They understand it is not always about “going hard” and “grinding” but instead working efficiently, intelligently, and purposefully. Recovery is prioritized to ensure the next training session is performed effectively.  The overall training plan is adhered to as closely as possible, but the athletic weightlifter understands flexibility with program design and adjusting variables on the fly to accommodate obstacles that may arise inside or outside the gym.  These are not just casual gym-goers or sporadic weightlifters, they are athletes with a plan to be better than they were previously. They respect the training process and understand how humbling the iron can be.  

We have created a Facebook group dedicated to those athletes who train with a mindful purpose and efficiently attack their goals. To join this community and find out more about us please follow the link below. This group consists of weightlifting coaches, competitive weightlifters, powerlifters, physical therapists, personal trainers, strength coaches, Army Veterans, and Marines. 

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