About Us

In 2017 two best friends, Jason Franciosa and PhGauthier, came together due to frustrations from the high injury rates associated with CrossFit style training. For years they experienced first hand what can happen to the CrossFit community if preventative and rehabilitative measures are not taken seriously. Jason, throughout his time in the US Army had direct experience with both CrossFit and Military HIIT training for years and not only experienced personal injuries but watched many of his Soldiers develop pain and symptoms which could have been avoided. Phil, spent years coaching/training weightlifters and CrossFit athletes to perform at their best level. However, as a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Phil was receiving a lot of CrossFit athlete patients in the clinic for pain and symptoms caused from training and poor warm-up/preventative techniques. So they developed a solution to the problem:



Element 26 is a Company focused specifically on enabling the CrossFit athlete to perform at the highly competitive level they desire without succumbing to injuries. Element 26 provides the Prehab and Rehab training and equipment to achieve this vision. The goal is to push these athletes to new levels of performance while minimizing injury.

Contact Us: Support@Element26.co