Are the E26 Sweat Bands any Different?


It’s a shame.

There are some athletes today that still wear those cheap, thick cotton sweat bands…. And all they make me think about is a pickup basketball game in the mid-90s. 

 It’s similar to wearing those long, baggy shorts to your morning Fitness class. You know those basketball ones? Good luck trying to squat and run in those... 

Anyways, last time I checked, it’s 2021 and we’re not looking to shoot some hoops.

So let’s just leave the thick sweat bands and baggy shorts back in the 90’s and move forward with the times. 

Aesthetics aside, you know what else is crazy about the thick cotton sweat bands?? 

They make you sweat even more! 

So cotton’s primary job is to absorb sweat. Yea they’re really good at it.. Too good to the point that it becomes a drawback.

You see, once you sweat a little too much, the cotton is fully saturated with sweat and because it’s a bit on the thicker side, it won’t dry as quickly as it should. 

Therefore you continue to sweat into your sweaty sweat bands. 

And sweating into those sweat saturated sweat bands is only going to make you sweat more which defeats the purpose of a sweat band.

It’s a big, sweaty conundrum! 

(Side note, I don’t think I’ve ever typed the word sweat so much LOL)

But what we did at Element 26 is we developed a wrist sweat band that not only looks FRESH, but optimally functions to limit sweat saturation.

 Because the E26 Wrist Sweat Bands are thinner than the traditional cotton models, they’ll efficiently wick sweat (aka dry out faster), which allows them to continually absorb your sweat as you work harder. 

 The E26 sweat bands have also been designed to be a bit longer (~5 inches in length), so that surface area allows the sweat band to absorb a wider range of sweat that drips down the forearm, preventing it from getting on your hand and messing with your grip. 

 Most cotton models are not that long, meaning there’s less space to absorb sweat…. Not good. 

 Oh and this 5 inch sweat band length allows you to wipe your forehead mid-WOD as well. 

 So when you’re banging out a huge set of double-unders and you need to transition to thrusters, it’s literally the perfect length to give a quick wipe and move on. 

 And the fit/comfort level is incredible.

 They are developed using a hybrid of materials that stretches to the circumference of your forearm/wrist (one size fits all). And taking them one step further, they’re thin enough to fit behind or over your fitness tracker; AND they fit comfortably under your hand grips.

 So much WIN! 

 When it comes down to it, the E26 Wrist Sweat Bands are an absolute game changer. 

  • Ease of Use. 
  • Comfort of Fit.
  • Sweat Wicking Capability.
  • Surface Area Available for Sweat Absorption.
  • 5 Inches in Length.
  • Fit Around Your Fitness Tracker. 
  • And you don’t look like you’re going to play some pick-up basketball down the street ;)

    If you’re on board with this and are ready to upgrade your sweat band game, the Element 26 Wrist Sweat Bands can be purchased by clicking the link below.

    You get 2 pairs of sweat bands with a single purchase. That’s 4 individual bands!

    If you have any questions regarding the wrist sweat bands, email us at and let us know!! We’ll help you out ASAP.


    E26 Wrist Sweat Bands


    Written by: Phil Gauthier 

    Phil is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

    He is also an Owner and Co-Founder of the performance gear company, Element 26 (E26).

    E26 prides itself on developing functional gear for the functional athlete to help you "Destroy Your PR's, Not Your Body." 

    To reach Phil or any member of the Element 26 Staff, please email us at: and we will respond to you ASAP!

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