Washing Instructions

6mm Knee Sleeves 

Now that you have your knee sleeves, let’s talk about how to wash and care for them. To prolong the life of your knee sleeves while still getting them clean and stink-free, wash them by hand in warm water with standard clothing detergent or dish soap. Once the water is coming out clean, rinse the knee sleeves and air dry. The other option would be to throw them in your washer machine, but place the settings on a gentle cycle and use cold water. Then proceed to let them air dry. 

Self-Locking Weight Lifting Belt 

To wash your belt, use dish soap or standard clothing detergent and a soft bristle brush. Brush gently to minimize wear and tear to the belt. Once clean, allow to air dry.

Wrist Sweat Bands

You can wash your wrist bands in cold water (optionally with your like colored clothes) without any fabric softener. Once cleaned, hang to air dry.

For any questions regarding the above washing instructions or instructions for other E26 gear not featured here, simply shoot us an email at: support@element26.co