Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's the benefit of a nylon belt over a leather belt?

A: Both leather and nylon belts have their specific advantages and disadvantages. A leather belt is going to give you a very stiff support with a lot of tactile feedback. Leather belts may also be required in some powerlifting competitions and associations as the rules. A nylon belt is going to be much more versatile, easier to keep with you, offer the same intra-abdominal pressure benefits, not restrict natural movement during a lift, offer more comfort, and offer much more tightening option than traditional leather belts.

Q: Why are your products made in Pakistan?

A: We are proud to say that we have a US Veteran team that lives in Pakistan currently as our lead team member on manufacturing. Due to having an excellent team in Pakistan, we are able to maintain extremely high quality standards and still achieve excellent prices to our customers. Furthermore, our business directly supports 15 families in Pakistan, providing above living wage standards for these families and having a very large impact for them. While we would love to manufacture in the US some day, we do not currently have the scale needed for US manufacturing to be able to meet the prices our customers desire.

Q: Why are my IsoGrips slippery?

A: The main culprit of the isogrips not sticking well is chalk. It's important that the Isoprene Polymer material (The rubber like material that grabs the bar), is clean. If yours have chalk all over them, a small amount of soap and water can clean them off like new and get the full stick back.

Q: I have the wrong size, what do I do?

A: Please contact our awesome customer support team at:

Q: What is covered by the lifetime warranty?

A: Our lifetime warranty covers manufacture defects on our Self-Locking Weightlifting Belts, Figure 8 Straps, IsoWraps, BarBelts, Sweat Bands, and Knee Sleeves. The IsoGrips have a 3 month warranty as gymnastics grips are subject to an incredible amount of pressure, especially with how much grip our IsoGrips provide. The athletic tape is a consumable product and is not covered by a warranty. Normal wear of velcro is not covered as this is a natural function of velcro. Please note, our self-locking weightlifting belts do not need velcro to function securely, it's imparative to always use the self-locking buckle during all lifts.

Q: How do I use the self-locking buckle?

A: Please watch the second video here