The Element 26 Workout App is designed for the athlete, weightlifter, coach, or trainer who values a structured and intuitive program tracking app that doesn’t interfere with their training.

Designed in-house by a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Strength and Conditioning Coach to provide athletes and weightlifters a better way of tracking progress and developing a consistent fitness program. After years of working with elite athletes and general population clients, the ones who are most successful are the ones who are most consistent. That’s where a sound program fits in.

Whether your goals are to increase your strength, add muscle mass, lose fat, improve aerobic function, or enhance overall fitness, the Element 26 App can do it all very easily.

For example, if you want to increase your strength, you can customize your program for however many weeks you want to run the program for, how many days you want to workout a week, and then input all the specifics for each given session such as sets and reps.

The Element 26 App allows you to easily develop a fully customized program for yourself or your client(s) using the Program Developer section. You have the freedom and simplicity to input all your exercises, sets, repetitions, rest times, rounds, and add notes to individual workouts.


Program Developer- Create a fully customized program for your fitness and strength goals. Everything from exercise selection to program duration is easily customizable.

Workout Developer- If you don’t want to structure an entire program, no big deal! The Workout Developer allows you to create an individual custom workout with custom exercises based on your needs. BONUS: You can import these pre-made workouts into the Program Developer section if you don’t feel like starting over from the beginning.

Timer- This custom timer section allows you the freedom to perform a WOD, Metcon, or circuit based on the demands of the workout. You get several functions for timer selection that include: Interval, For Time, AMRAP, and EMOM.

Auto-Calendar- This calendar function automatically saves your workouts in the calendar and allows you to track your completed workouts overtime.