E26 Hero Story No. 9 - Dan Ouellette

In this blog, I bring you an E26 Hero Story about athlete, Dan Ouellette. Dan is an active member of CrossFit EXP in Leominster, MA. Below is his personal story and journey about how he overcame massive panic attacks and weight issues. Dan is the epitome of a Team E26 member.... taking action and “letting the iron speak.”

This is an easy read and I hope you enjoy it!

Dan's Story:

“I found Functional Fitness in 2016.

Prior to walking through the door of my first box I had been making an effort to lose a substantial amount of weight on my own. In 2014 I weighed in at 335 lbs, I was severely depressed, and suffered from some pretty intense panic attacks.

One morning I bent over to tie my shoes and almost passed out. It was at that point that I decided I needed to change something. I started off going to a globo gym but quickly got bored. I took up running, once again I found myself quickly becoming bored.

That was when I walked into my first WOD gym.

From that point on I haven't looked back. I no longer suffer from any depression or anxiety, I've lost 130 lbs and have gained more self confidence than I've ever thought imaginable. More recently I've gained my Level 1 coaching certification, I'm hoping that I can be part of changing even one person’s life in the way that mine has been changed.

Element 26 gear has helped me to turn my training up to a new level, the confidence that the Self-Locking belt gives me when I'm stepping up to a lift is invaluable.

And the thumb tape is awesome. If you find yourself on the fence about training all I can say is walk through the door, that's the hardest battle you'll have to fight.”

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