"From Average to Outstanding"

Let me introduce you to Hollie, a 28-year old, female Olympic lifter.

She is only 5 feet tall, has a strong build and is an experienced lifter with a background in Powerlifting and CrossFit.

Well, she recently crushed a 275 lb back squat for 5 reps which is insane for someone her size.

I am going to share with you her journey with Element 26 over the past year and the feelings she had surrounding that back squat achievement.

Hollie purchased an Element 26 self-locking weight belt in October 2017.

At first, Hollie wasn’t sure what she thought of the belt. She was a little skeptical of the self-locking buckle but realized she could just return the belt if it didn’t work anyways….she had nothing to lose and went for it.

Fast forward a year later and she has used the belt for EVERY. SINGLE. HEAVY. LIFT.

What never surprised me was her dedication. Wearing a weight belt alone is not going help you break PR’s, instead putting in work every day is what gets you to that point.

Hollie did just that while using the Element 26 Self-Locking Weightlifting Belt for her lifts.

Her passion led her to enter an Olympic lifting competition this year and she wore the belt because of how confident it made her feel.

She wore it because the self-locking mechanism made her feel “SECURE” and the nylon was “incredibly comfortable.” Her words, not mine.  

“Secure” because the belt wouldn’t “pop” open and “comfortable” because the nylon won’t “dig” into your ribs like a thicker leather belt.

What’s even more impressive is the fact that she hit that HUGE PR back squat of 275 lbs for 5 reps shortly after the competition!

That’s absolutely insane!

I was so fired up when I saw her video that I almost tore my rotator cuff fist bumping so hard… ok maybe that’s an exaggeration but you get my point, I was excited.

By the way, here is the video of her MASSIVELY IMPRESSIVE SQUAT with the Element 26 belt!

Like I mentioned before, a weight belt alone, no matter what brand, is going to make you to hit an absurd PR.

A weight belt with hard work, discipline and great form is what hits PRs.

Hollie isn’t the only one who has experienced success with the belt, there are THOUSANDS of satisfied athletes out there.

Her success is only one of many stories that show how powerful the RIGHT gear can be for adding a confidence boost while providing a peace of mind around training.


Your confidence and peace of mind is everything when it comes to your performance. This allows you to “take the breaks off” and JUST TRAIN.

No extra mental or physical distractions.

So don’t let sub-par products drain your time, effort, and wallet.

Now I want you to tell me your lifting/training success stories both with or without Element 26 gear! Shoot me an email at support@element26.co and tell me your own personal story. I would love to interact with all of you!


Dr. Phil


Weightlifter/Physical Therapist

Element 26

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