“Goodbye Bulky, Leather Weightlifting Belt”

I want to share with you a more personal story from my journey as a lifter.

You see, my lifting background is in powerlifting and I have competed several times.

(For those unaware of the powerlifts, they are the bench press, the squat and the deadlift. You have to lift the most weight for one rep in each lift).

Anyhow, my training has always been fairly simple: 4-5x a week I have the main movement followed by some accessory work for further strength and muscle gain.

Pretty standard, right? Yea. Nothing too fancy.

And with the proper nutrition and recovery. BOOM! Gainz town.

Well I’ve gotten fairly strong over the years… I’m no “Mountain” from the Game of Thrones repping 800 lbs on the deadlift, but I’ve deadlifted 550 lbs at a bodyweight of 165 lbs so I’ll give myself a little credit….


(Yup, that's me a few years ago)


Mind you, this deadlift PR was all while I was in school getting my Doctorate of Physical Therapy.

However, what I literally knew nothing about a couple years ago was equipment. You know the gear that you see everyone carrying around in the gym.

Belts, knee sleeves, hand grips, shoes, chalk...it’s as if they brought their whole wardrobe to the gym.

Now I’m a bit more of a minimalist and never trusted many companies hence why the only thing I ever owned was one bulky, leather belt.

In fact I never bought that belt, I traded my friend a $50- $60 tub of protein powder for his belt since he never used it.

And HOLY S*** that belt was sooo uncomfortable!!

It would dig into my ribs, leave marks on my sides, didn’t even form to my body… yea it was supportive but it was also so restrictive.   

But out of convenience (and trying to be a tough, macho male) I sucked it up and used it for a couple years.

I always wanted a more COMFORTABLE yet STABLE belt but didn’t want some rip off brand of some flimsy-a$$ material.

So I literally made my own.

YUP. You read that right, I made my own belt.

I sat down with my best friend, another lifter and US Army Veteran, and we designed THE PERFECT belt to help solve the problem of being so darn uncomfortable.


We picked the material, the size/width, the thickness, the buckle, the locking mechanism, the strap length…. you name it, we did it.

If it hasn’t clicked by now, this was the foundation for Element 26 ;)

And I’m going to be honest with you...

This development process was tedious, between the design of the optimal width, material and buckle choice, we were always going back and forth.

Looking at other belts and trying to figure out how to make THIS belt the best one yet.

Well after 3 long months I had a belt that could not only support my lifts but one that looks clean, minimalist and ATHLETIC.

Shortly after development we wanted to share this belt with the world and released it online for others to enjoy!

That belt, you ask, is the SELF-LOCKING WEIGHTLIFTING BELT now seen featured on Amazon, all over the USA and throughout the WORLD.

I was just trying to make a belt to help these darn rib bruises go away and apparently a lot of others loved it too!

To help your rib bruises go away as well and to continue to dominate your lifting quickly, efficiently, and as STRONG as ever just click the following link to get your belt at AMAZON or HERE on our website.

I promise, you won’t regret it!

Now go crush it!!

-Dr. Phil Gauthier

Element 26



  • Brad Kiltz

    I am a Masters Powerlifter Age 60-64 Lifting in the Revolution Powerlifting Syndicate. I broke two World Records, one in the Bench Press 381lbs. and the Deadlift 529lbs. And I was wearing one of your Belts. 220lb, weight class Pro Multi ply. I have a Professional Black and White photograph of the lift with your Logo cropped perfectly in the photograph. I can send you a copy if you would like. Pretty good advertising I think.

  • Ray Domenech

    Can you post a link to a video of the belt being explained and used? If there was one already posted I missed it. Thx.

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