Hook Grip and How to Protect Your Thumbs.

How many times have you seen an article on hook grip scrolling through social media??

The chances are pretty good, especially if you’re a weightlifter, powerlifter, or Functional Fitness Athlete and spend your spare time reading blogs and watching videos on everything lifting.

**Literally, if I didn’t have a full-time job I’d spend that extra time just watching lifting videos….That’s not weird is it??....(Now how do I get paid to watch lifting videos?? That’s the million dollar question…)

Anyways, it gets old quick when you see the same articles rehashed time and time again.

So this blog is NOT just another hook grip blog about why you need to wrap your thumb around the bar for 84.673% increased strength and performance on lifts…’s simply an outline of the basics about hook grip AND why the Team at Element 26 designed the BRAND NEW ATHLETIC TAPE the way we did to help your hook grip…

So let me summarize in list fashion what the hook grip can do since no one likes to read lengthy paragraphs and then I’ll talk about the Element 26 tape benefits:


grip with the double overhand position. You’re essentially using your thumbs as natural lifting straps.

Bar security. By wrapping your thumb around the bar and gripping it with your first and second fingers, you prevent the bar rolling forward (because your fingers are there) and backward (because your thumbs are in the way).

Safety. When using straps to Olympic lift you risk being attached to the bar as you progress through the movement. With the hook grip it’s easier to let-go of the bar and miss the lift safely.

Less Injurious than "double overhand non-hook grip." What happens when grip starts to fail? The back rounds, hitching happens, arms flex more and form goes out the window. If the body and brain senses stability distally at the hands with hook grip, it allows the movement to proceed fluidly. Remember the brain can push more on the gas pedal when there’s a sense of strength and stability.

So what makes the Element 26 tape so effective for hook grip??

Well, after analyzing a dozen different tape styles, we chose a model that we could work with and re-engineer to be the most ideal for hook grip.

Again, let me outline the Benefits of the Element 26 Athletic Tape in bullet point format since we all hate reading lengthy posts.

E26 Athletic Tape Benefits: 

Physical protection for skin and cuticles. The tape limits contact with a rough, gnarled bar that can scrape up the skin on your thumb and rip off any loose hangnails. Bleeding thumbs definitely slows down the workout. 

Elastic stretch of the tape allows the tape to form to the various changing angles of the thumb joint and it can move with the creases in the thumb as the skin will fold over itself when the thumb bends. This prevents restricting motion of the thumb and allows you to find that optimal thumb position.

Optimal Cotton-blend material allows for a moisture-wicking ability so the thumb can breathe more, building up less sweat underneath. Just make sure not to wrap it more than twice around. 

Tears easily. The tape can be split very easily down the midline which allows you to apply it around other fingers, joints, or cuts that may be smaller than the surface area of the thumb. 

Simply put, the hook grip is a bada$$ way to hold the bar, in fact I carry grocery bags, hold a steering wheel, and brush my teeth with a hook grip…Just normal life for me.

The athletic tape by Element 26 is there to give you the extra edge when pushing the weights while using hook grip.

Ok now hold on I need a motivational conclusion to finish out this blog: 

Don’t sacrifice your form, limit your performance, or hurt yourself… Use the HOOK GRIP!!

And don’t restrict your thumb motion, ruin your beautiful nail beds, or sacrifice your thumbs ability to breathe… Choose ELEMENT 26 ATHLETIC TAPE!!

How was that for a motivational ending?? I’m a full-time physical therapist so I can be given a free pass on this writing thing. 

Anyways if you do want to check out the tape…. Click the box below…this could absolutely change your life!! Ok that’s one of those fake-pitched lines….But it can absolutely change your thumbs!!


Cheers to silky smooth thumbs!


Dr. Phil Gauthier
Physical Therapist
Strength and Conditioning Specialist
Co-Founder of Element 26


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