It's 'OK' to take a break!

I want your FULL attention right now.

So if this blog finds you at work or during a time when you're not 100% focused, then come back to it later when you have a couple free minutes.

You need to read carefully what I'm about to say because the journey of fitness and life depends on it. Not just for your gym performance, but your quality of life.

"You need to take a break."

Let me repeat that.

"You need to take a break."

Everything is so "go-go-go" nowadays and we all get lost in our lives that we never get a chance to step back and breathe. We're just pushing ourselves to the point of burn out and frustration.

In fact, even your workouts can become stressful as you try to fit that within a day that's already incredibly jam-packed. And that's supposed to be a stress-reliever. It's a catch-22!

Life balance is not always easy and it sounds so simple to say "take a break." And sometimes it won't be.

But I'm telling you....

You deserve it.

You've been working long, hard days, putting in the effort to not only get to the gym but manage your life, your family, pay the bills, etc.

You need that time to yourself.

Time to collect your thoughts, relax, and think about all the love and success that surrounds you.

If you want to get stronger in the gym, you need to recover, right?

Well same goes for the rest of life. In order to bring your best to your family, your friends, your job, and your workouts, you need to step away even if it's only for a few minutes a day without distractions. Give yourself space. Time to 'heal.'

I promise you'll see greater progress once you start giving yourself the time you need.

All I want is for you to be successful.

Take this for what it's worth and keep your head up.

Rooting for you,

Phil Gauthier
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Strength Coach
Element 26 Co-Founder
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