So You Have Knee Pain… But I Have an Answer

Maybe the pain is when you squat, maybe it’s when you lunge, maybe it’s literally just when you stand…..

But it’s there.

And it’s annoying.

And it’s preventing you from having a good workout.

On the other hand, maybe you’re reading this and you don’t have knee pain and you just want a BIGGER SQUAT because you’ve been stuck for years at the same weight…

Well you’re in luck.

Really, you are the luckiest person right now. You know why?

Because Element 26 has another piece of equipment that’s available and absolutely compliments the BEST SELLING Self-locking Weightlifting Belt.

This essential piece of equipment being the culmination of 2,880 hours of hard-work, testing and precise engineering…

The answer to minimize your pain and improve your performance!!


And they are probably the THE BEST PRODUCT EVER!

Oh wait, the belt’s pretty cool too.

Yea I know, I’m biased I’ll be honest…. but for good reason.  

I’ve never seen sleeves like this before until I helped design them with our team of experts. Not only is it 6mm in thickness, but it’s reversible!! One side is all red and the other is all black!!

You can choose to wear red one day and black the next… Screw it, you can just mix the colors and wear a different color on each knee.

This product gives you the choice to wear either color based on how you’re feeling.

Red is like you came to the gym to absolutely mess sh$t up while turning heads...

Black is like you came to the gym to crush your workout and fight anyone that tries asking you “how many sets do you have left?”

Next you may say “that’s cool they’re reversible…


That is a great question because of those 2,880 hours of testing and refining these knee sleeves, about 95% of the development process was aimed at the overall function.

Reversible is nice and all but these things need to work or else what good are they to you?

So let’s revisit what knee sleeves are for, but don’t worry, I’ll lay out the important information:

1) Compression (Allows the knee to feel a “sense” of stability)

2) Enhanced Mobility (With a sense of stability and compression comes increased motion)

3) Increased Blood Flow and Joint Temperature (Increased movement and less skin-to-air exposure to prevent direct cooling creates increased tissue warmth/temperature and joint mobility as a result)

4) Minimize Pain (Enhancing the mobility and temperature of the joint will decrease the “perception” of pain you may experience)

**SIDE NOTE: In a future blog I will discuss who should wear a knee sleeve. Knee sleeves do not help with squat form aka they minimize pain but don’t necessarily fix the cause.

So there you go, if a knee sleeve does not accomplish all of those then don’t purchase it!

Those are the foundational points we centered our engineering around.

For knees that get ‘cranky’ during your squat sets, for those who want to throw more weight on the bar, and for those who want sleeves that stay on comfortably during your WODS, then these are for you!

In the next blog I write I am going to highlight the development process of the sleeves.

Specifically the blood, sweat and tears that went into making sure these sleeves were not just good enough for you, but also NEVER going to fail you...all while looking SUPER FLY (ok maybe no one says that anymore, maybe the phrase is DAPPER???)

If you cannot wait and want to check out the sleeves RIGHT NOW you can find them at Amazon or the Online Store.  

Here’s to another successful training cycle!!

Rooting for ya,


Dr. Phil Gauthier

Element 26


Instagram: @dr.philipgauthier @element26_athletic_gear

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