Struggling with Confidence??

Sometimes the most intimidating part of your day can be walking into a gym.

Maybe it’s because you think you’re not strong enough.

Maybe it’s because you think you’re not lean enough.

Maybe it’s because you don’t want to look silly in front of the cute guy or girl that works there.

Anyways, I can empathize with you...But I am not here to support those “false beliefs,” instead I am here to tell you that you are STRONG ENOUGH!!

One of the missions at Element 26 is to inspire you to take action in areas beyond your comfort zone, for personal growth, so you can go out and crush life.   

This impact that Element 26 has created reaches far and wide from Australia, to Canada, all the way to the Middle East, down to Chile, and throughout the entire United States.

There is no shortage of confidence gained.

In fact, I wanted to share several REAL athlete testimonials with you from people who were INSANELY CONFIDENT and excited about the gear:

Athlete 1 (Olympic Lifter/CrossFitter):

“Loved this belt!

I have used quite a few belts over the past few years and this one is top notch! I notice that all too often belts that rely on velcro alone quickly lose the stability they can provide an athlete because the velcro simply doesn't hold anymore.

Not this belt!

The self-locking buckle makes me feel secure; I have boosted confidence in my lifts and CrossFit workouts.

I used this belt at a competition this past weekend that had weightlifting movements and powerlifting movements and also some metcons, I USED THIS BELT FOR ALL OF THEM!

This was great because I could quickly loosen the belt if I did not need it for a movement but would not risk it totally falling off my body.

I know that it is suggested to turn the belt around to get the buckle out of the way for olympic lifts, but I didn't even think that this was necessary, and I'm only 5'0 tall! Super comfortable.

I can’t wait for you guys to come out with more gear!”

Athlete 2 (Powerlifter/Bodybuilder):

“Let’s start with the most important thing about getting a belt for working out, and that's the size.

Do NOT go based off your normal jeans size. Be sure to measure!

That said, this is without a doubt the best weight lifting belt I've ever used. I have tried the Valero ones with a plastic buckle and velcro.

I've tried the double metal fastening ones, and all sorts of other ones.

But, each belt has always had an issue.

Whether it was the buckle being in in the way, holes giving way, stretching, velcro fraying and coming undone - those things happened.

So far, this belt - which is used 3 times for sure and a 4th day a week if I'm going heavy on certain lifts - has stood up to literally everything I have thrown at it.

That list: Squats, front squats, deads, sumo deads, cleans, clean and press, rack pulls, bent over row (the Valero buckle used to piss me off on thins one especially), military press, and a whole host of dynamic weighted exercises you want the back support for.

It hasn't slipped, it hasn't come undone, and it hasn't loosened in the slightest bit. It is just as rigid and secure as it was the day I ripped open the Amazon box it came in.

My favorite thing is how the belt locks.

You look at this and think ‘there is no way that simple thing will lock the belt into place.’ You'd be wrong.

You are dead wrong in fact.

There is absolutely no play in the belt once it's locked in. And the only way you're getting any sort of looseness out of it is when you undo the velcro yourself.

Absolutely worth every penny, and for any gym rat, it should be the belt of choice.”


Athlete 3 (Hybrid Weightlifter):

“Tried out the new Belt and Man it’s Awesome!! I used the old leather belts for years and no matter how tight you got them they would always move with freestanding T-Bar Rows or Dead Lifts.

So I went the Velcro route for a while and many times, right at the point of hoisting up some heavy weight the Velcro would break loose!!

Your Belt is pliable, stays in place and with the ingenious D-Ring technology (much like a motorcycle helmet strap) will NOT break loose!

The Velcro on the Belt is just to keep the slack in the Belt secure. Also easy release by simply lifting up on the D-Ring. I’m just upset that I didn’t have this idea many years ago! 😂Superior Product and Performs Outstanding!!

This is a Winner Guys!!”


Just the tone of these messages speaks for themselves.

It is the mission at Element 26 to have YOU experience a level of enhanced confidence upon using the equipment and having that success! You should be as confident in yourself as you are the gear!

Remember that!

The Element 26 goal is to Inspire you to challenge your fears. The gear is here to support your dreams and lifts!


Dr. Phil Gauthier


Element 26


PS: We have an awesome Facebook group called The Athletic Weightlifter for you to be part of the interactive Element 26 weightlifting community! 



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