The Best Athletes Practice This One Thing...

The Best Athletes Practice This One Thing...

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

Something that all the best athletes in the world utilize... well technically, it’s not even a secret, but it might as well be since so many neglect it.

And no, it’s not a supplement, mobility technique, training modality, or nutrition plan…

It’s even more general than that.

It’s the practice of CONSISTENCY.

The best athletes in the world are also the most consistent.

They are incredibly consistent in every aspect of their lifestyle and training.

And guess what, the more consistent they are, the more refined they become.

Consistency is all about practice, routine, learning, and adapting.

And whether or not these athletes have the best form, the best training plan, or the best recovery approach, they’re consistent at what they do.

That’s the crazy part!

You don’t need to be perfect with all these small details, you just have to show up and continue to refine things.

Sure, reaching the elite athlete level means the smaller details matter, but achieving success starts with consistency. Simply showing up.

Consistent practice makes progress.

That’s the secret…. And you know what stinks?

Most companies or influencers on social media won’t tell you that since it’s not some sexy, quick fix.

Remember success is driven by your daily choices and habits. All it takes is one small, consistent action everyday towards your goals.

Now, if you agree that consistency is one of the foundational pieces of success, we would love to have you join our E26 Family, just click the yellow link below to access our Facebook Group.

It’s an amazing community that exists to provide you with fitness support, advice, and accountability.

And guess what, we consistently show up :)

Hope to see you there!

In it together.




Phil Gauthier
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Strength Coach
Element 26 Co-Founder
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