The Number 1 Weightlifting Belt For Functional Fitness Athletes!


As a Functional Fitness Athlete you are driven, motivated, focused, and versatile.  You know that it takes that extra effort to ascend above the competition.  That is who you are! That internal fire is what fuels your desire for faster times, heavier weights, and higher reps. Although sometimes the flame may dull from within; your community is there to pick you up and push you on.  

CrossFit is unlike any other sport. It requires a range of physical qualities from endurance and work capacity to overall strength and power.  You need possess all those qualities to be that finely-tuned athletic machine.  The more advanced you become, the more important the smaller details become. Details such as nutrition, sleep, training specificity, equipment, even supplementation. Here at Element 26, we understand this and have developed a piece of equipment with those variables in mind. We want to assist your performance with truly useful equipment, not hinder it with unnecessary products and overwhelming gear.   

Enter the Element 26 Self-Locking Weightlifting Belt.  We have designed this belt specifically for the CrossFit Athlete.  A belt that locks on its own, is lightweight, durable, quickly/infinitely adjustable throughout the size range, and can be worn throughout an entire workout.  It is a CrossFit athlete’s dream. You have the flexibility to go from box jumps to power cleans or sled drags to pull ups immediately without hassle.  


The benefits for Crossfit include:

Faster Transitions Between Exercises: Due to the quick-release/quick tightening nature of the self-locking buckle, you can quickly and easily transition between exercise types that require different levels of intra-abdominal pressure.

Efficient Shifting of The Buckle: The belt can be shifted after its tightened or when it's loose to move the buckle to the side or place it in the rear.

Lightweight Design: This design will not weigh you down during your WOD/Competition. Self-locking buckle- This belt does not rely solely on velcro to hold the belt together. Therefore, the belt will not pop open and risk your safety and performance. Optimally increases pressure to promote stability during your heavier lifts.  As cool as the belt looks, it does a much better job actually stabilizing your back.


This belt is designed for you, the Athletic Weightlifter! We want to help push you to the next level, through those plateaus and up to newfound heights. This belt was inspired by athletes for athletes.  Crossfit requires an element of versatility, durability, and intelligent design; all values that we have instilled in this belt.  Don’t let the little things keep you from achieving your greatest.

For a the first 100 customers only, we are offering a 15% discount! Use the Code “ELEMNT26” at checkout when you purchase on Amazon. Click BUY NOW to be directed to our listing on Amazon, or simply click products at the top of the page if you wish to purchase directly from us!. 

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  • Sam

    Just bought one of your belts on Amazon. It is exactly what I am looking for. The locking mechanism is awesome! Unfortunately, I’m a big man in need of something a little larger than the XL.

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