Two Important Assets: Your Time and Your Hands

Have you ever been mid-WOD and you noticed you couldn't get the right grip on your pull-ups?

The frustration between having to jump down then jump back up to readjust you grip is a pain in the a$$... And then when you finally get the right position for your hand, you start slipping. Then you have to jump down again and find some chalk. But you realize that new member, Johnny, is hogging the whole chalk bucket 30 feet away and he's not even doing proper chest-to-bar pull-ups. He's doing like forehead-to-bar.... The struggle for you is real.....

There's absolutely no win in this case, you've lost a ton of time and just built up frustration. Meanwhile Johnny is getting high fives for setting a new record, but you know deep down his pull-ups were sh!t.

The solution to this problem: no it's not throwing a 5 lb plate at Johnny's head, please don't do that...

Instead it's finding a pair of grips that will allow you to have a "lock-down" grip on the bar while not costing you extra time to find chalk. That's what the Element 26 IsoGrips are all about.

Because the grips are made of isoprene polymer (a rubber-like material) they do not require chalk at all, in fact chalk makes them more slippery. So unless you want them more slippery, don't use it.

There are two versions of these grips. One with finger-loops on the back to hold the grip in place as you're moving through a WOD (also they allow easier placement on the bar if you struggle finding the right grip placement when jumping up to do pull-ups or toe-to-bars). The other version is the IsoGrip Pro, which has no finger-loops. This one is for athletes who prefer to flop the grip over the bar and just get to work. And don't worry these grips work amazing for an entire WOD. Have handstand push-ups? Just flip the grip around to the back of the hand to get it out of the way. Have wall-balls? The IsoGrips with loops function very well on the ball due to the material which means you don't even have to flip them around.

And if you're wondering how they function with sweat... very well!! Imagine a tire in rainy weather. It may not have the best traction, but it's a heck of a lot better than a leather-based material which will slip off the bar when wet.

Got chalk on the grip mid-WOD? Simply just wipe the grip on your sweat, not kidding. The sweat will get rid of the chalk and get your grip back on the bar!

These grips are all around amazing! They're all about helping you maintain a stronger grip to the bar, providing you with optimal hand protection, allowing you easy transitions, minimizing the time you spend between movements, minimizing your hand/forearm fatigue, and minimizing the chalky mess you see in most boxes.

You can check them out right now at the Online Store and on Amazon!!

**Do your best not to "hang" off the grips with the strap... they will grip very well on a clean, steel bar and there may be a tendency to get comfortable there. But we assure you, the life of the grip will be reduced if it has to hold up your whole body weight. They're not made to support your whole weight. Instead they're made to increase the traction you have on the bar to allow you to perform more work over time and protect your hands from ripping.

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Rooting for ya!!


Phil Gauthier
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Strength Coach
Element 26 Co-Founder

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