Why accountability drives success.

One of the most overlooked and often undervalued parts of fitness and achieving your goals is ACCOUNTABILITY.

We all know it takes hard work in the gym, a "good" diet in moderation, consistency and patience to achieve our goals...

But just by being human, we get comfortable, we get content, we think we know it all...

And that's our enemy. Whether we know it or not.

That's when we get stuck and run out of answers.

And as a result, we won't seek help because we don't want to feel vulnerable. We want to be the one in control, the one taking on this massive journey alone because success feels so much sweeter when you don't need to rely on someone else's help. Right?!

Note: And of course this isn't the case for everyone because I'm making a generalization. You may already have a community for support or a coach that writes your programs and checks in on you weekly....

But I just want to make it clear, even if you're making progress, seeing the weight go up the bar bar, seeing your times decrease... having that someone to support you and provide that extra piece of advice, is so incredibly valuable...

...To push you harder, to tell you to drop the weight, to support you when things aren't going well, to help you progress at a faster rate... the list goes on.

Accountability is about keeping us honest, focused on the plan ahead, and avoiding complacency. And once you realize the value that is offered by it, you start to see a change in all of your progress.

How do you hold yourself accountable? Do you have a gym community? A coach? A friend?

If you don't have support system or would just love some more accountability, Element 26 has an awesome online community within our private Facebook Group "Team E26: Less Ego, More Iron." We'd love for you to join so we can help support you along your fitness journey.


Phil Gauthier
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Strength Coach
Element 26 Co-Founder
Online Store: www.element26.co


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