“Zone-In,” The Key to an Efficient Workout

I am writing to you because you enjoy to workout.

You enjoy the thrill of getting stronger, leaner, faster, and becoming a flat-out badass.

As you improve in all those facets, you encounter several opportunities.

The opportunity to showcase your new strength on Instagram, posting that new PR. The opportunity to show off your lean physique at the beach in front of your friends.The opportunity to prove to yourself that you can take on a task and accomplish a goal.

Sure, having strength, speed, and a great physique are awesome, but let’s take this one step further, why do you seek strength, speed, and/or a great physique?

Think about it for a moment.

What makes you tick? What drives you to live your life with such passion? I know you have it, but what truly makes you get out of bed in the morning ready to “kick the door down?”

Everyone has some reason.  But what many don’t have that you have is the “will”.

You show up to the gym weekly, sometimes exhausted, but still get the job done.

You don’t complain, despite the busy life that you have outside the gym. It doesn’t stop. But you make time and you set priorities because you’re determined.

However, we’re all human right? And we aren’t perfect. And sometimes that balance between training and life becomes a little “off-balance.” Meaning the stress from other areas in life can leak into your training sessions.

Whether you are aware or not, it happens. And it’s normal.

The problem becomes when you’re too distracted worrying about things outside the gym instead of focusing on the weight in front of you.

Think about a time when you’re completely in the moment, not worrying about the stress of tomorrow or scrolling through social media on your phone.

Just focused on the task at hand.

Well that moment is what you need every time you enter the gym or box. You need to have that “in the moment mentality.” You need to limit your distractions and “zone-in.”

Zoning-in means to feel present. Your quads burn during squats, so what?!…. you keep going and let the pain pass by. You don’t think you can push any further and say “screw it”, you then let that thought pass and continue to move on.

It’s about not letting your feelings or emotions dictate the path in front of you and unfortunately many people will let this happen.

But I know you won’t!

Because you’re determined to better yourself mentally and physically. You push past those feelings of emotional stagnation and stay the course. Whether you’re having self-doubts about a job or your trying to hit a 5-rep deadlift PR, you stay the course and have confidence in your abilities.

Staying focused and zoned-in allows you to put more efficiency into your workout.

Zoning-in creates that mental freedom to concentrate on a workout which means more strength which leads to physical-mental success.

So stay the course when it’s time to workout, minimize your distractions and concentrate on what is in front of you. Find yourself in that peaceful, present mindset to go hard without regrets.

Stop being distracted while you workout.

I promise you won’t regret it.

Good luck to your training.

Now I want to hear your stories! Please respond back to this blog with stories about maintaining focus inside and outside the gym!!



Dr. Phil Gauthier

Element 26



Instagram: @dr.philipgauthier


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