Isocomp Gymnastic Hand Grips
Isocomp Gymnastic Hand Grips
Isocomp Gymnastic Hand Grips
Isocomp Gymnastic Hand Grips
Isocomp Gymnastic Hand Grips
Isocomp Gymnastic Hand Grips
Isocomp Gymnastic Hand Grips
Isocomp Gymnastic Hand Grips
Isocomp Gymnastic Hand Grips
Isocomp Gymnastic Hand Grips
Isocomp Gymnastic Hand Grips
Isocomp Gymnastic Hand Grips

Isocomp Gymnastic Hand Grips

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Full Chalk? No Chalk? The search is over for the most versatile grip....

When it comes to any pulling movement (pull-ups, muscle-ups, toes-to-bars) your hands are the connection between that bar and your body.

If you can’t smoothly transition your body around that bar, due to a breakdown at the level of your grip, you’re looking at torn hands and missed PR’s.  

And that’s where these IsoComp Hand Grips come in.

To help you stay connected to that bar longer and ensure your hands/grip is not the weak link in the chain. 

But here’s what sets these grips apart…

Whether you’re new to your gym or you’re in the middle of a competition, you’re going to look around and notice a lot of the pull-up bars are different.

Some are plain steel, some are powder coated, some are Speal bars, and some are so grossly covered with chalk and skin that you have no idea what it’s made out of. 

This will present some issues with a lot of regular grips out there. Notably slipping off the bar. 

Most hand grips either need tons of chalk to get a grip on the bar or they can’t use any chalk because you’ll slip off the bar. 

Ugly conundrum! 

So we developed a grip solution to help you no matter the bar or chalk situation… the new IsoComp Hand Grips

They grip a plain steel bar without chalk and stick like crazy with chalk

The IsoComp Hand Grips have a unique rubber surface profile with built-in grooves so that you get better traction on the bar without chalk, but then with chalk, those tiny grooves allow the chalk to adhere better and offer that exceptional grip. 

So you get the most out of your training no matter how messy (or clean) the bar is.

Game changer!!  

The ability to chalk them isn’t the only benefit of these new grips… 

  • The IsoComps are thinner so you can feel the bar better.
  • The yellow coating on the palm-side is Kevlar, adding incredible resiliency and body-weight support.
  • We used a steel buckle clip, so it’s no longer an area of weakness like many other grips.
  • The strap is stitched 4x through the grip to add exceptional durability.
  • The neoprene strap enhances sweat absorption and pads the wrist.
  • The outer edge of the grip protects the outer part of your hand during the turnover in ring muscle-ups.

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      Introducing Element 26’s
      IsoComp Gymnastic Hand Grips

      When designing the newest IsoComp hand grips, we took a few steps back and thought about what a grip NEEDS to do.


      The first thing a grip needs is strength. Being strong enough to protect your hand from repetitive friction and high repetitions is a must. Without this, there’s no sense in making a grip.

      To make the IsoComp grips super resilient, we added a layer of kevlar to the backside of the grip. Nothing is getting through kevlar. And the way it’s gently woven together makes it more forgiving on those soft palms.


      The second thing a grip needs is versatility. This allows sufficient turnover on the bar/rings and keeps them from getting in the way of other movements.

      With the kevlar backing, we were able to reduce the overall thickness of the IsoComp grips compared to our original IsoGrips. This allows little to know break-in time and creates faster transitions between exercises.


      The third thing a grip needs to do is actually help you grip the bar. Some grips can protect you all day but are just too slippery on the bar.

      Using a unique rubber blend with embedded tractional grooves, we were able to develop a grip that not only sticks a plain steel bar without chalk, but it functions extremely well with chalk as well. This will help keep you on the bar longer without excessively taxing your valuable hand/forearm strength.  

      How durable are the new IsoComp Grips?

      The biggest worry when using grips is their longevity and resiliency.

      Most grips break down in a matter of a couple months… some within weeks!

      So at Element 26 we made grip durability a priority. No cheaping out here…

      The yellow material you see on the palm side, that’s Kevlar. Literally the material bullet proof vests are made out of.

      And the way the Kevlar is woven makes it comfortable on the hands. Some Kevlars can irritate the soft skin on the palms. 

      The buckle you see in the picture is a stainless steel buckle. So when you’re deep into a WOD and you begin to hang on the bar, that clip won’t break on you like so many other grip buckles will.

      Then looking at the bottom of the grip, the neoprene strap (which is added for sweat absorption and wrist comfortability), is stitched 4x through to offer maximum support. The more stitching, the more strength.

      3 months WARRANTY

      Your safety and performance at the gym are always of the highest priority.

      At Element 26, we believe that it’s the quality of the product that makes a long-lasting impression on our customers.

      That’s why we’re offering three months of warranty on our hand grips, to ensure that the equipment you receive is never faulty and that you continue to be satisfied with your training experience!


      IsoComp Gymnastic Hand Grips

      Get the most out of your training no matter how messy the bar is.

      Get Mine Now!