Dani Speegle "Girls Who Eat" Self-locking Lifting Belt - Ships After April 1

Dani Speegle "Girls Who Eat" Self-locking Lifting Belt - Ships After April 1

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Dani Speegle Special Edition "Girls Who Eat" Self-Locking Weightlifting Belt!

 "Society has long imposed a standard of beauty on women that comes with endless restrictions. It’s time to break that cycle. Dani Speegle’s Girls Who Eat collection is a celebration of the female body - its strength, resilience, and beauty that comes in all shapes and sizes. This collection is about loving yourself in a world that’s constantly telling you not to. Together, we can erase the stereotypes that have held us back from reaching our full potential. Be proud of the journey you’re on. You’re strong, and strong is beautiful."

The Stability You Need To Keep Pushing Forward!

The progress you make in the gym relies on multiple factors – the most important one being how you distribute pressure on your low back and surrounding muscles.

With the Self-Locking™ Weightlifting Belt by Element 26, controlling that factor can be crossed out from the equation!

The sturdy, durable nylon along with the self-locking buckle ensures your low back and abdominals are completely stabilized without risking injury, allowing you to continually improve your weightlifting numbers.

  • Quick-release buckle for faster transitions
  • Uniform profile for optimal stability
  • Crafted from 100% premium nylon for maximum durability
  • Infinitely adjustable for perfect pressure distribution
  • Lifetime warranty

Keep reaching all-new fitness heights with competition-approved support for your body!