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The Element 26 HIIT Kit has all the essentials for your high intensity and functional fitness workouts. 

This includes a Self-Locking® Weightlifting Belt, a pair of the IsoGrip Hand Grips, a 5-pack of Weightlifting Tape, a 4-pack of the Wrist Sweatbands, and a pack of Rip Repair.

Whether it’s a heavy lift, high rep bar work, olympic lifts, body weight HIIT, or just a complete sweat sesh, this kit has everything you need to Destroy Your PR’s, Not Your Body!

You select the size and color of your Self-Locking® Weightlifting Belt, the size of your IsoGrips, the color of your Weightlifting Tape, and the color of your Sweatbands. On top of that, we’ll include a pack of the Rip Repair.


Self-Locking® Weightlifting Belt: Constructed from 100% premium nylon, this weight belt is lightweight, breathable, comfortable, and provides exceptional support and security with our Self-locking® Buckle system. Great for fast paced metcons, high repetitions, and heavy lifts. At 4- inches in width, it is also approved for competition use. 

IsoGrip Hand Grips: Our IsoGrip Hand Grips utilize a special isoprene rubber which sticks like crazy to any steel bar and doesn’t require any chalk. Therefore you’re getting a better grip on the bar without the messy chalk. More reps, less mess. 

Weightlifting Tape: At 1.5 inches wide, our weightlifting tape has been developed to give you more grip and more protection without leaving your hands covered with sticky residue afterwards. Developed from a cotton fiber blend, we have perfected the stretch allowing for full thumb and finger articulation. Easy tear, no scissors needed. 

Wrist Sweatbands: Using a hybrid of materials, we've achieved excellent sweat wicking ability to ensure these sweat bands are there to absorb and dry sweat, not make you sweat like those thick, puffy 1990s-style sweatbands. At <2mm thick, these bands fit easily over your fitness tracker and under your gymnastics grips. Designed specifically for the athlete who needs extreme versatility.

Rip Repair: Formulated for all skin rips and tears, Rip Repair is a minimal sting, sweat-proof liquid bandage that takes only 1-2 minutes to create a durable, protective barrier over the affected area. Just apply, let dry, and you’re getting an extra 2-3 days of training back into your schedule. It’s safe to use on fresh wounds (just clean the area first) and can also be used preventatively to reduce the risk of tearing in your workout. 

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