Jon North

How Jon feels about the E26 Self-Locking Weightlifting Belt:

I need a strong belt like I need a strong coffee before training. I need a strong belt like I need PR's and a National podium. I need a strong belt so I can slay the kilo dragon and defeat fear, insecurity, and the doubt that can creep into my mind. A strong belt is a Weightlifters sword, one that defends but also cuts deep into kilos in training and on stage. A solid strong mobile Weightlifting belt is the support one needs to lift big weight as we conquer gravity and the dark past that haunts us. A belt for Weightlifting is a support structure that stands by us like our family, friends and teammates; it's a must. The Element 26 belt is what I use, depend on, and go to battle with. I recommend this Weightlifting belt to all Weightlifters who stand their ground while fighting the always in shape kilos. Grab your Element belt, shoes, knee sleeves and chalk.....for battle calls loudly and violently; and we the warriors must attack. "Strength and honor."

- Jon North 

Jon's thoughts on the 6mm Knee Sleeves:

I have always used knee wraps in my 16 year career in Weightlifting. Element 26 sent me a pair of their knee sleeves to try out after expressing to them “I'm a knee wrap dude.” I am always building my melting pot while keeping an open mind to this sport’s techniques, programmings, outlook and approach; so with that said what the heck! I slid them up, slapped my legs to introduce my new sleeves to my old race horse legs and off we went! Kilo's we battled and big lifts have been made as I prep for Nationals and AO Finals! Are they better than knee wraps!? It's impossible to answer this question; for they are just so different and have benefits to each. I have fallen in love with the Element 26 knee sleeves due to their strength while conducting my Weightlifting training. They are not only strong but flexible which allows me to Snatch in them as well as C&J in them. Usually a Weightlifter, like myself, only uses knee wraps for squats and C&J'S for max support. In the snatch you want more mobility, this is why you see very little Weightlifters using a belt in the snatch. But with the knee sleeves, I have found that you can also snatch in them, giving you more strength and support while also being able to move like a cheetah! The Element 26 knee sleeves keep my knees warm while lifting long and hard during Weightlifting. I love the fact you can keep them on throughout the session while only focusing on the barbell in front of you. The Element 26 knee sleeves are great! I will be lifting with them on the USAW National stage towards the end of the year!

- Jon North

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Jon North. National Champion. American Open Champion. Arnold Champion. 4x Team USA athlete. USA PWA record holder in the Snatch & Total. Weightlifting coach of team Attitude Nation Barbell Club. Former pro athlete for team Cal Strength / MDUSA / Mash Elite. Died, came back to life and grateful for everyday. Loving husband and a loving father of two amazing children. God is good.