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Instantly PROTECT or REPAIR any skin tears on your hands, shins, heels, wherever; with the incredible Element 26 Rip Repair.

This is NOT a cream or oil like other products that just make a mess and cause you to tear more and bleed everywhere... No more of that... Yuck.

So, what is it? The easiest way to describe Rip Repair is, medical grade super glue... aka a Liquid Skin Bandage!

Simply apply a thin layer of this skin adhesive directly over calluses or tears, wait about 60 seconds for it to dry, and you have a hard durable barrier to allow you to keep training.

Oh and you know what, there's absolutely NO-STING during the application!

So if you're worried about Rip Repair causing a sting, stop worrying! We formulated Rip Repair so that it goes on smoothly without pain or discomfort :)

And once it's fully dry... sweat, water, and chalk are no match! You have a fully protected wound, AND, this new barrier will last for 3-5 days!

Rip Repair comes in a 5 gram bottle with 20 applicators.

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