Rip Repair
Rip Repair
Rip Repair
Rip Repair
Rip Repair
Rip Repair
Rip Repair
Rip Repair

Rip Repair

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Instantly PROTECT or REPAIR any skin tears on your hands, shins, heels, wherever; with the incredible Element 26 Rip Repair.

This is NOT a cream or oil like other products that just make a mess and cause you to tear more and bleed everywhere... No more of that... Yuck.

An Effective Solution For Non-Stop Progress!

Don’t let skin tears crush your confidence and ruin your workout. 

Rip Repair by Element 26 is your new method of instantly protecting and healing your skin tears and wounds so that you can get back on the bar in no time!

All it takes is 60 seconds for this sweat-proof adhesive to create a tough barrier over the area of damage, sealing and protecting the tear in the process. Just apply, let dry, and you’re getting an extra 2-3 days of training back into your schedule.

Oh and you know what else?? You can use Rip Repair preventatively too. So if you have some areas that are known to rip or blister, simply apply Rip Repair to the area prior to your workout and you’ll be good to go!

  • 5g pocket-size bottle with 20 applicators
  • No sting when applying the adhesive
  • Creates a durable sweat, water, and chalk-proof barrier
  • Takes 60 seconds to dry and lasts for up to 2-3 days

Why play around with bandages and excessive amounts of tape when the treatment you need can be contained in a small, long-lasting bottle?

Safety Data Sheet

Rip Repair FAQs

Rip Repair Instructions:

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